furniture design and vintage furniture

                                                                 WHIMSY by WIM


I am a designer/stylist/painter/sculptor based in Belgium. Throughout my life, I have not been able to choose between these disciplines, and so I hoover from one discipline to another, sometimes bordering in between two of them. I have always been attracted to good craftsmanship , and I was able to learn and study different crafts throughout my career. You will see, browsing through these items, that it is sometimes not easy to call something ‘art’ or ‘furniture’. I prefer to call it ‘functional art’ , although it is a ‘ contradiction in terminis’. But sometimes words fail, and you just have to feel and enjoy the object or the thing of beauty such as it is, without wanting to categorize.

This website offers a ‘shop’ of everything I do besides painting: renovating vintage furniture, creating ‘art furniture’, clothes, sculptures… You will also come across items that just ‘crossed my path’, but that I wanted to give a second life by reupholstering, repairing, or sometimes just cleaning. A lot of the materials I use are recycled materials. (e.g.: old oak kitchen doors, I resaw into pieces of oak wood that look as new , etc..)

Customized orders are welcome. Do not hesitate to contact me with your ideas, dreams, projects.

Check also my website with my paintings: . Here , you can also find more details about my career.


Have a great time looking at what I realize!


Wim           Beekstraat 9, 1570 Vollezele (BE)   phone 0032 478 96 10 37