project2022: Appliance for artist residency

Bio and philosophy:

Wim Adriaenssens (1968) is an artist/designer based in Belgium. He started his own design-studio in 1991: Groupe AWA.  His activities and collaborations are countless: As a fashion-and furniture-designer, he tries to create designs which transcend time and give the environment of people a quiet atmosphere with the right amount of tension. His designs are influenced by Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto.

As a painter, Wim is a figurative painter, but knows how to use his materials in an almost abstract way, by looking at , for example, the ‘’gestes ‘’  of Alechinsky, using the possibilities of his arm and body to paint. Wim’s material research brought him in touch with Venetian Terpentine, an almost forgotten product to use with oil paint Because of the use of this specific technique , his paintings are filled with energy and movement. An energy which he canalizes to express different feelings of a (male) body.

The blanks on the canvas show his admiration for Chinese painting.  The principle of ’’Wu Wei ‘’(to generate a maximum impact with a minimum of force) becomes very real in his paintings.

Wim has a way of showing us a certain kind of melancholy in his works, without becoming melodramatic. His works are loaded with emotion, and at the same time decorative, because of his balanced and well-thought compositions.

His work has been rewarded with several awards in Belgium throughout the years.

Since 2016, he has owned several pop-up galleries in  the historic center of Brussels, Oostende and other cities.

‘’The biggest part of my life up to now, I have spent looking for colours, dimensions , shapes and how they influence us. Why is it that one line or one splash of colour moves us and the other one doesn’t? Maybe it has to do with what Goethe said: Don’t worry too much about the ‘what’, but worry about the ‘how’. That is also the reason I experiment a lot with techniques. I have always been interested in the ‘’crafts’’ of arts. In my search , I came across Venetian Terpentine, which allows me to bring transparency into my work, sometimes in such a degree as if it were watercolour. Which I like, because I think also our reality comes to us in layered surfaces. On the surface of my work, you see people, but if you are going to look into it, you see abstract ‘stains’ , when put together in front of our eyes, have, almost by coincidence,  a human shape, a human energy.

I ususally do different things at the same time, because it clears my head to design clothes while I am painting. It makes me more distant from the painting I am working on, and I keep a ‘’fresh eye’’ on what I am doing. I try to eliminate as much as possible, without simplifying. The essentials have to be there to transfer the message, the right kind of energy so that the viewer can feel how I felt during the process of making the painting.

My style evolves without thinking about it. My latest series go back into my history, and my paintings become sometimes drawings which have been painted. I built up a good knowledge in the past to mix my techniques in such a way that they are still going to resist time. The canvas I use is Belgian Linen, prepared by hand.

 As you will notice on the titles of my work, I am a big music fan: no paintings without music….’’


Motivation to apply for residency:


I am interested in becoming an artist in residence as I would like to have opportunities My interests of being an artist in residence are multiple:


-The interaction with other artists/audience , to interact with other artists, perhaps also from other disciplines, to discuss and watch how they experience their materials and how they use them as a vehicle for expressing their views, their philosophy.

-To continue my search in the different fields I cover: Finding ways to paint ‘’human energy’’ with a simplicity that could be mistaken for granted, while being thought over .

- Discovering the borders between disciplines such as furniture design, fashion design , painting and sculpting: When does a piece of furniture become a sculpture? What is the function of clothes/furniture/art? Does art need a function? Can furniture be functional and at the same time carry an idea that is as strong as an artistic statement? …

-The fact of being in a different environment is also very important to me, because it triggers my own world , to come out of my comfort-zone.


Main exhibitions:

1992:     Establishment of AWA, Belgian design studio.

1992:     Participation furniture exhibition in Utrecht (Netherlands) with a delegation of Belgian furniture designers.

1993:     Exhibition "Belgian Design" Galery K.I.S., Amsterdam (Netherlands).

1994:     Exhibition in galery DANADA, Keulen (Germany).

2004:     lector furniture design St.-Lucas Gent

                project Interieur Kortrijk: “Work in progress“

2004:     selection Talens Zoute concours

since 2000: member of the jury for St-Lucas Gent interior design and member of the jury for Hogeschool Gent, fashion technology

2005:   different incentives-projects for Hamburg-Mannheim, Bayer……

2005: first prize Talens Concours Le Zoute. (BE)

2006:   selected painter by TRYOUT for the ‘musicartfilmfestival Ghent’

2008:  group-exhibition galerie ‘espace Blanche’ Brussels

2009: ‘Travelling artwork’ for Castle of Gaasbeek: ‘’sleeping Beauties’’

2011: artists exchange program: Callosa d’en sarria (Spain) : 3 month stay in studio

2012: Solo-exhibition at Castle of Viane (BE)

2013: Participation art fair ADAF Amsterdam (NL)

2008-2012:   teacher at Roeselare: fashion design

2008-2012:   teacher drawing and painting at Ghent,Brussels,....

2014: representation by art-gallery ‘Pjez Unik’ Antwerp (BE)

2014: exhibition at the university of Plzen (CZ) with the collaboration of the Belgian Ambassador.

2015: Curator for exhibition at chateau Coloma Brussels. ‘’Flanders Fields’’: (un)forget (12 artists with 1 poet).

2015: own pop-up gallery at city center brussels, eikstraat 27.

2016: own pop-up-gallery at city center Brussels: Lombardstraat 70

2016: painter for the award of ‘personality of the year’ for PARIS MATCH-LA LIBRE BELGIQUE

2016: own pop-up-gallery at Ixelles Brussels

2017: Gassteig Munchen : expo WW1 : (un)forget

2017: solo-expo ‘de loods’ Aarschot (BE)

2017_2018: pop-up-galleries in different cities in Belgium

2019: permanent expo at OZZ Barcelona and scouting gallery Washington and gallery PJEZUNIK in Antwerp.



If you would like extra information, do not hesitate to contact me:

0032 478 96 10 37