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                                                         Belgian design studio by Wim Adriaenssens

Wim Adriaenssens (1968) is an artist/designer based in Belgium. He started his own design-studio in 1991: Groupe AWA.  His activities and collaborations are countless: As a fashion-and furniture-designer, he tries to create designs which transcend time and give the environment of people a quiet atmosphere with the right amount of tension. His designs are influenced by Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto.

As a painter, Wim is a figurative painter, but knows how to use his materials in an almost abstract way, by looking at , for example, the ‘’gestes ‘’  of Alechinsky, using the possibilities of his arm and body to paint. Wim’s material research brought him in touch with Venetian Terpentine, an almost forgotten product to use with oil paint Because of the use of this specific technique , his paintings are filled with energy and movement. An energy which he canalizes to express different feelings of a (male) body.

The blanks on the canvas show his admiration for Chinese painting.  The principle of ’’Wu Wei ‘’(to generate a maximum impact with a minimum of force) becomes very real in his paintings.

Wim has a way of showing us a certain kind of melancholy in his works, without becoming melodramatic. His works are loaded with emotion, and at the same time decorative, because of his balanced and well-thought compositions.

His work has been rewarded with several awards in Belgium throughout the years.

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